Our Custom Line - Nothing is more exclusive than custom

Take a look at your shirt.
If you are like most men, your off the rack shirt is letting you down.Cut to fit every guy with the same collar size, you end up with a loose baggy body and billowing sleeves.Add in generic collars, cuffs, and details and you are sporting a disappointingly typical look.

What's the alternative?
With around 100 fabrics starting at 49.99, a selection of the most popular options and details, and two (slim or traditional) stylish British designs cut to your own body measurements, Brass Bones makes it easy to get the look and feel of exclusive custom tailoring. We even finish your shirt with classic details like pearl buttons, removable stays, and split yokes.

Ordering is easy from the comfort of your home or office, and we'll even save your unique measurement profile so future shirts are just a click away.

Check out our fabrics to get started today!